Sardinia is an island to the west of Italy’s mainland. It sits in the Mediterranean Sea and is the second largest within this body of water. It features around 2000 km of coastline, giving way to what many Italians consider the most beautiful sea. Cagliari is the region’s capital and largest city while the other main towns are Nuoro, Sassari, Oristano and South Sardinia. North of this region is the French island, Corsica. The terrain ranges from flatlands to rocky coast to mountains. Also, Sardinia’s history here dates back to Paleolithic era. One of the interesting historic sites throughout the island are the nuraghes. These houses were built in the Bronze age, are made of stone, and resemble a beehive. Additionally important to note that this is the only region without highways, or autostrade. None of the roads have tolls.

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