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Italy’s 10 Most Beautiful Gardens

Villa Lante Beautiful Gardens, Viterbo, Lazio, Italy
Villa Lante Gardens, Viterbo, Lazio, Italy

One of the many things that distinguishes Italy from other countries is its unique combination of an unparalleled collection of ancient art and Eden-like gardens. The nature, beauty, culture, and history of many of the following gardens are huge highlights. The regions of Lazio, Tuscany, Liguria, and Lombardy feature the 10 most beautiful gardens and parks in this most beautiful country.



The Castle of Miramare, situated on the sea, looks like something out of a fairy tale. This enchanted garden area is home to a beautiful butterfly garden, featuring about 150 species of butterflies and moths and it has a beautiful patch of lush greenery. The area overlooks the Gulf of Trieste and is teeming with various plant species, viewable through the winding paths and lining the ponds of varying sizes found throughout the park.

Miramare castle, Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy



The Garden Park of the Sigurtà family is well known for its springtime flowers, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and more tulips. It’s the best in Italy and Southern Europe for these flower types. Over its long history, this garden has been the property of a variety of owners. However, the current owners, the Sigurtà family, took over in 1941. This garden adds a special value to the special combination of history, culture and nature found in the region of Veneto.

Sigurtà Garden, Valeggio sul Mincio, Verona, Lombardy, Italy



The Villa Carlotta looks over the spectacular waters of Lake Como and the peninsula of Bellagio. The view of the alps provides an awesome backdrop that will leave you breathless. With the huge variety of plant species, your eyes will be charmed by different colors in every corner. Various azaleas totaling around 150, camellia hedges, tropical plant species, rhododendrons, a valley of southern ferns, and ancient conifers are magnificent sites of nature’s magic. The bamboo garden and the pergolas of citrus plants will captivate you. The climate of the area allows for this diverse amount of plant species to thrive. The villa itself also has a collection of art.

Villa Carlotta, Tremezzo, Lombardy, Italy



Also among the most beautiful in the world is the garden of Villa Taranto. It is split into sections to showcase each of the different contents: flower beds, herbariums, greenhouses, and lush terraces. The terraces are seven kilometers long and are comprised of tens of thousands of plants.

Villa Taranto, Verbania, Piedmont, Italy



This Villa has been open to the public since 2010, while the gardens first opened in 2006. These openings were after a very long process of restoring liberty, oriental, art-deco, and rococo elements. The villa received its name after the famous Swiss clown, Charles Adrien Wettach whose stage name was Grock. Europe’s greatest clown, a field of work appropriate in naming such a peculiar and oddly magical place.

Villa Grock, Imperia, Liguria, Italy



The unique name of Tebaide Park comes from a desert in the upper region of Egypt. The Hermits populate This desert in the Middle Ages, following Christianity. The paths of the gardens show statues of many friars in praying positions, religious chapels with marble frescos, and statures of saints. Additionally, through the wooded area are stone crosses along the paths. This park was constructed between 1698–1705 and is located inside the Villa di Cetinale complex.

Villa Cetinale, Siena, Tuscany, Italy


The Medicean Villa of Castello is split in three terraces among the hills and countryside of Florence. 16 lush rectangular garden beds are spread across the first terrace with a great fountain situated in the middle. The second was named the garden of citrus fruits and features plants potted in wildly ornamented decorative pots totaling around 500! A thick oak forest makes up the third terrace.

Giardino della villa medicea di castello, Florence, Tuscany, Italy



The garden, La Scarzuola, is a surrealist’s imagination bring the life. The structures are odd and features various monuments, theaters, statues, and staircases amount the many paths throughout the wooden area. You may feel as though nymphs or fairies may just pop out next to you at any moment in this fantasy-like garden. This was the vision and creation of Tomaso Buzzi, a well-known architect. He creates a world of utopia for the visitor. This is a unique experience you will be glad you didn’t miss.

La Scarzuola, Montegabbione, Terni, Umbria, Italy



“The most beautiful garden in the world,” –The New York Times. This is a spot you must see in your lifetime. The Ninfa River crosses through the garden, giving birth to water bank plants and a variety of others on the gardens other areas. There are plenty of streams which spider off of the river also. The restoration and development of this property was the responsibility of Lelia Caetani who built it on top of Ninfa, a Medieval town which was in ruins. This is a lovely spot to venture through, world-renowned in the region of Lazio.

Giardini di Ninfa, Cisterna di Latina, Lazio, Italy



The Royal Palace gardens are a scene of mythological elements that come to life before your eyes. With both Italian and English style gardens, it’s a cultural blend of beauty. Within the park is tanks of fish, a variety of large fountains and statues. The Grand Waterfall in the back of the gardens add to the storybook-like sense of the grounds.

English garden, Caserta Royal Palace, Campania, Italy

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