Italy’s Florence is one of the most romantic, charming and cultural cities. Only a few places on Earth have such a collection of superb architecture and amazing art in every corner.

Florence, Piazza della Signoria, Tuscany
Florence, Piazza della Signoria, Tuscany *

It is imperative to know what the best periods of the year to visit Florence in are. So, if you want to enjoy a remarkable stay in Florence, make sure you read this article.


April, May, June, September and October are the best months to travel to Tuscany in consideration of the weather conditions. The temperature is not at its peak during these months and the weather is quite mild and pleasant. The summer heat is bearable but can get a bit sticky at times. The period between July and August is also a great time to visit Tuscany. But do note that the temperature is very high during these months. The peak months and also the months leading up to or out of peak season are convenient for attraction opening hours. Museums, restaurants, wineries and other attractive places often stay open for longer hours in the period with the most tourists.

Sun in Chianti, Tuscany , Italy
Sun in Chianti, Tuscany , Italy *

If you decide to visit Florence during the spring, around April, and during the early autumn, around October, bring a sweater or a light jacket. The evenings can get a bit chilly so it’s best to be prepared.

During this period many tourist attractions may have longer lunch breaks, shorter hours and less activities available. Therefore, we advise planning your stay in advance. Make sure you at least familiarize yourself with the hours of operation and availability of the various attractions you want to visit during your stay.


In Florence, the spring period is always magical. Everywhere in the city, flowers are blooming and there are many seasonal festivals during the springtime months. The Easter celebration draws many tourists to Florence every year and in fact, Easter weekend typically records the highest number of visitors of the whole year. However, if you would rather avoid the crowds, you might be better off scheduling your visit from March to mid-April.

Florence Cathedral, Tuscany
Florence Cathedral, Tuscany *

Between July and August, the city empties because many of its residents go on holiday to avoid the summer heat. If you are visiting Florence during these months, you should get up early for sight-seeing before the sun is out and the heat becomes unbearable. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water.

The temperature drops during fall and winter and the number of tourists decreases. People visit Florence a bit more during September and October. However, few people visit the city between November and February, with the exception of Christmas and New Years when the city is always extremely crowded. During the winter, hotel prices are also much lower than during the other seasons.


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