It’s not easy to rank a place based on its beauty. Due to the fact, we typically think of beauty as something subjective. In the Italian region of Le Marche, it simply can’t be argued. The elegance and beauty of the region as a whole is magnificent. However, there are a select amount of places that really stand out among the total magical atmosphere. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most beautiful Le Marche villages.

10 Most Beautiful Le Marche Villages

Province of Ancona


The first mentioned is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, earning the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club. If Ancona is one of the most beautiful in the country, it has to stand out within the region! This small Medieval town’s small streets pull you through the city and before you know it you’ve completely lost your way. It’s an intoxicating place with a lovely historical center. La Piagga is the main place to see, one of the most beautiful staircases in Italy! Also, talk about earning the Orange Flag; they host the Festival of Witches every year on Halloween. This event encourages hundreds of visitors and locals alike to celebrate together.

Pozzo della Polenta, Corinaldo, Ancona, Le Marche villages, Italy

Province of Macerata


This village is better known as “the Balcony of the Marches.” On the summit of Mount Circe you have an incredible view, especially in the appropriate weather. Every year, in July, the city of Macerata hosts a historical reenactment titled “Cingoli 1848.” This just adds to the already intense Medieval feeling of the village. Its elaborate churches, museums, and the entire historical city center are breathtaking.

1848 Cingoli, Le Marche villages, Italy

This Medieval town also puts on an historical reenactment each year, this time taking place in August and titled “Castrum Sarnani.” Sarnano is tiny with a web of small ancient streets and alleyways. Small areas peak through with magnificent views hitting you when you least expect it, especially at Piazza Alta. Throughout the city, you will run into stairways and piazzas that take your breath away. Sarnano is also known for its sporting activities such as mountain biking, skiing in a town close by (Sassotetto) and trekking. Here, you also have access to thermal baths!

Sarnano, Le Marche villages, Italy
San Ginesio

This village is mainly focused on art and features various works of different periods, again mainly Medieval times. Works by Simone de Magistris, Pomarancio, and Pinacoteca Scipione Gentili are well worth the visit. Around July and August, San Ginesio hosts an International Folklore Festival, exploring the many local traditions. This is a great addition to a holiday exploring Le Marche villages. Also, don’t miss the dwelling of San Liberato, a hermit of his day.

San Ginesio, Macerata, Le Marche villages, Italy

Province of Fermo


The town of Fermo is best known for its castle which offers a view of the region, all the way to the neighboring region of Abruzzo. This structure sits in the Aso Valley, on the top of a hill. In October, the Festa del Braciere features a tall fire inside the castle and is a unique way to experience the local customs. The village is well preserved with original walls, city doors, and towers still in tact.

Moresco, Fermo, Le Marche villages, Italy

During August, this city hosts yet another historical reenactment. The main square in the historical center offers an atmosphere that is sure to amaze you. The main famous site of Servigliano is the 1915 prison camp. It features gorgeous old castle walls surrounding it.

Servigliano, Fermo, Le Marche villages, Italy

Province of Pesaro-Urbino


This small village is famous for the love story of Francesca and Paolo, linked to its incredible castle. The theme of love is present all over the province. The walls of PesaroUrbino are intoxicating and everything feels oddly romantic. Especially the “Gradara d’Amare” festival every year in February and also the “Path of Lovers” within the city.

Gradara, Le Marche villages, Italy

This village is inside a natural park, Sasso Simone and Simoncello Natural Park! Frontino nestled in the valley near to the Mutino River and Mount Carpegna. The 360 degree views from this place will blow you away. The towers, streets, and city walls will transport you to a fairytale, truly one of the most beautiful Le Marche villages. Hosted by Frontino, the “Festa del Truffle Nero” every year in August is must-attend for foodies and lovers of black truffles!

Frontino, Le Marche villages, Italy

Province of Ascoli Piceno


This magnificent village hosts a Humor festival every year in August! Aside from the festival though, Ascoli Piceno an amazing place to visit year round however, it is definitely most popular for the summer. It’s a seaside town placed on the Adriatic coast on the Riviera delle Palme. It offers tropical palm tree views and a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Also, well-preserved are the ancient architectural structures.

Grottammare, Le Marche villages, Italy

The last of the Le Marche villages we will mention is Offida. If traveling to the region of Le Marche, this is the village you must visit. In January and February, there is the “Carnival of Offida” which gives visitors a chance to witness local customs and all the main offerings of the village. Be sure to try the local cuisine and visit the museum of bobbin lace. This art is particular of this village so check out the Monument of the Merlette also. Enjoy views of the Tesino and Tronto Valleys from this city as well.

Offida Carnival, Le Marche villages, Italy


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