italian electricity : plug converter for Italy

What You Need to Know about Italian Electricity

ITALIAN ELECTRICITY AND POWER SOCKETSIf you plan on bringing any electronics with you on your Italian holiday, then this is the article for you. Devices...
visit rome, Lazio, Italy

The best time to visit Rome

BEST TIMES OF THE YEAR TO VISIT ROMEWhenever you visit Rome, it is definitely an incredible place to visit! However, you might want to...
pet to Italy

How to bring your pet to Italy

HOW TO BRING YOUR PET TO ITALYItaly is quite tolerant of pets. There are few restrictions on where you can or cannot bring your...
Italian train passes

What’s the best train pass option for me?

Eurail, Interrail Italy, or individual train passes The type of pass you should buy for your trip mainly depends on where you are going and...
The guide to the Italian train system

Guide to the Italian train system

The Italian train system is great and efficient, able to get you from one end of the country to the other in just 3...

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