Jobs for english speaker people in Italy

Jobs for English speakers in Italy

JOBS FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS IN ITALY These days, it is quite difficult to secure jobs in the southern part of Europe and Italy is not...
Vocabulary from english to italian

Vocabulary essentials for your Italian holiday

VOCABULARY ESSENTIALS OF ITALIANLet’s face it - everything sounds 10 times more lovely in one of the romance languages. Italian has a way of...
Padua, Veneto, First trip to Italy

10 Tips for Your First Trip to Italy

We know that visiting any country for the first time can come with a feeling of great excitement. You may even feel a little...
italian electricity : plug converter for Italy

What You Need to Know about Italian Electricity

ITALIAN ELECTRICITY AND POWER SOCKETSIf you plan on bringing any electronics with you on your Italian holiday, then this is the article for you. Devices...
Malpensa Airport , Milan, Lombardy, Italy

How to reach Milan from Malpensa Airport

TRANSPORTATION BETWEEN MALPENSA AIRPORT (MXP) AND MILANThe largest airport serving the city of Milan is MXP, or Malpensa Airport. It’s about 50 kilometers from...

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