The largest airport serving the city of Milan is MXP, or Malpensa Airport. It’s about 50 kilometers from the city center and has two terminals. Both are easily accessible by train, bus, or taxi. We will outline each option in this article so you can decide which one is best for your travels.


The Malpensa Express is a train service specifically designed to connect the city of Milan to MXP. Two of Milan’s main train stations connect to Malpensa Terminal 1. From Piazza Cadorna, metro line 1: Cadorna, and from the central train station, metro line 2: Centrale, you can hop directly on to the Malpensa Express. Cadorna is the quickest with an average train time of 29 minutes, while from the central station it takes about 52 minutes, as there are more stops. The ticket costs €11 from Cadorna and €10 from Centrale, with departures every 30 minutes. The train schedule is shown below:

Malpensa T1 – Cadorna, first departure 05.26 and last at 23.28
Cadorna – Malpensa T1, first departure 04.28 and last at 1.30
Malpensa T1 – Centrale, first departure 06.35 and last at 00.40
Centrale – Malpensa T1, first departure 05.27 and last at 23.40
NOTE: Malpensa Airport offers a free bus service to connect the two terminals


All Malpensa Shuttle buses connect Malpensa Airport with the Milano Centrale train station with an average journey time of about 50 minutes. Tickets can be purchased inside the terminals or directly on the bus for €10. However, you can also buy the tickets online to avoid waiting in line in the terminal. The buses leave every 20 minutes; so with a travel time of around an hour, in the worst case scenario it could take you about 1.5 hours from your arrival/baggage claim to get to the city center of Milan.


This company offers the same service as the Malpensa Shuttle. A one-way ticket will cost you about €8 and is better booked in advance. There are typically long lines or large groups of people waiting to get into these buses so it’s best to book a specific time beforehand. You can find the bus schedule and book easily through their website.


Reaching Milan by taxi costs about €90. The rate is fixed so if the taxi driver wants to make you pay more, pick another taxi. It takes an hour on average, depending on traffic. Only one stop is included in the price.

milan taxi

If you want to make additional stops, you will be charged the normal fare and the trip could cost you much more. Remember, if you get into a taxi and the driver starts the meter, get out and find another taxi driver who makes you pay the fixed rate. If not, you could easily end up paying double the price!

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