Buying a property in Italy may sound like an absolute dream, especially an affordable one. If you’ve visited the country before, it’s definitely been a thought bouncing around in your mind.

The regions of Italy all allow for different experiences. The metropolitan cities with the contrast of ancient architectures and countrysides.

Land full of grape vines and olive groves, lakeside cottages with distant castles peaking through the fog, the alps for adventurous skiers, and so much more.

The most popular attractions like Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence, Rome are all absolutely stunning places, full of art, history, and tourists.

These places are great for visiting and if you are set on a property in one of these alluring cities, by all means, you won’t be disappointed. However, in the warmest months, June–August, they can become overly crowded.

Additionally, because they are in such high demand for tourists and many wealthy foreign and Italian buyers, the prices are quite high also.

Fear not, your dream Italian getaway home is still in reach. There are plenty of less touristic places, yet still fantastic destinations and popular that can be affordable as well.

If you’re looking to take the opportunity to make an investment in the Italian real estate market without breaking the bank, this article is for you! Read on…


This region is like the “red headed step child.” It’s an amazing place to visit, full of coast and natural parks.

However, people tend to forget all about it. Lying in central Italy and spanning up to the Apennine mountain range, it’s a combination of sand and beach with lush green forests, hills, mountains, you name it.

The small towns throughout the region are captivating in their Medieval styles, complimented with ancient monasteries and rolling hills that turn into overwhelming mountains.

There is an abundance of tradition here with culture, art, history, and more to be explored. It’s less touristic than many places and like we said, often forgotten.

The market is fairly competitive and is a great place to make your affordable property buy.

Abruzzo, Italy Affordable Places
Abruzzo, Italy *


This region is the “been there, done that” for the travelers of Italy. It’s around 45% countryside and hills, while the remaining 55% is mountainous.

It’s also along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, like Abruzzo, but offers a different feeling than the rest of Italy. It has many ruins of the ancient Roman cities that have been well preserved.

It’s also abundant with greenery. It’s natural elements are incredibly wild and beautiful.

If you’re easily captivated by old haunted Medieval towns, churches, frescoed paintings, artisanal goods, sun-soaked beaches, and castles.

Then this is the place for you and especially if you’re looking for an experience outside the normal realm of your many Italian holidays.


We switch now to the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, a region with overwhelming cliff sides and sweet small villages.

The beaches are full of soft sands and breathtaking views of the water. It’s not very touristic, although it has become more popular slowly.

As of now, it’s an incredible and affordable place without the swarming crowds.

Calabria, Italy Affordable Places
Calabria, Italy *


On the border of Calabria, this region is on the very much unknown list of Italian regions. (Therefore, more affordable.) It also shares a border with Campania and Puglia.

It offers fantastic countrysides for vineyards and olive groves. You may not be aware of where it was filmed but many film directors have used one of the cities of this region to serve as ancient Jerusalem.

Matera is one of the world’s oldest populated cities and is protected by UNESCO. Here you can find cave drawings inside homes of ancient people of the Paleolithic period, the Sassi.

This city is the 2019 Italian capital of culture so no shortage of things to see and experience here.


With so much to choose from, Puglia is an amazing place to invest in property right now. It’s very inexpensive, offers incredible wines and cuisine, and sandy beaches stretching over the Adriatic Sea.

At the bottom of the region, you can find elaborate villas and sea coves in the Adriatic and Ionian seas, situated in Santa Maria di Leuca.

It also offers a city of ivory buildings made of stone which is truly a magnificent site. Ostuni is nicknamed Puglia’s White City.

Otranto features a Medieval castle, seaside, and a church of the 12th century, abundant with old paintings and history. For Baroque style architecture, head to Lecce.

Throughout the whole region, you can find amazing spas and hotels made of old stone farmhouses, or “masserias.” This is probably the best place to invest and buy property right now.

Don’t forget about the islands of transparent water and lush beach, the Tremiti islands.

Tremiti, Puglia, Italy Affordable Places
Tremiti, Puglia, Italy *


Also for spectacular beaches, head to Italy’s largest island. Taormina offers saturated sunsets and beauty beyond compare.

Also, Sciacca features an amazing coastal view and sandy beach. The capital city of Palermo is flooded with Italian property owners but still worth checking as the prices are affordable.

This area features many Baroque style villages and towns such as Trapani, Modica, Marsala, and Noto. This art style will blow you away, especially in Siracusa, complimented with the ruins from Greek temples also.

Agrigento, Sicily, Italy, Affordable places
Agrigento, Sicily, Italy *


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