When you plan to make home renovations to a property in Italy, it is important to rely on the appropriate technician.

If you’re wondering or having doubts about what kind of professional you should be looking into hiring, you first have to compare and contrast them.

In this article, we will outline the main characteristics of surveyors, engineers, and architects in respect to home renovations.

Hopefully, this will give you a bit of insight before you make your decision.


In Italy, it’s mandatory to attend college to become an architect or an engineer. The surveyor profession only requires high school level education.

However, in order to practice any of the three professions in a professional sense, all must pass an exam in order to qualify.

After passing, they are able to register in their respective career path.


Typically a surveyor, as you will see in the next section, has less responsibility and less intensive projects that they manage.

While this means they can be cheaper, there are certain general fees associated with these projects. For this reason, sometimes an architect could be less expensive.

However, you should ask for quotes from a number of sources before deciding to ensure that you are going to fall within your budget. Flexibility in home renovations is important.


Surveyor – Geometra

When hiring a surveyor, you can rely on them for more simple renovation projects. Small construction projects still need to be processed and you need to receive qualifications for completing the project.

Surveyors can handle the land registrations and send requests for these small projects as well as internal plans. Changing positions and sizes of walls, rooms, windows, etc, can be done by a surveyor.

Engineer – Ingegnere

The engineer comes in when there is a need for a structural change. The calculation of the changes done by the engineer are required in the requests to the respective municipality.

They are helpful in energy, mechanical, or electrical changes of the property.

Architect – Architetto

This is the main artist of a project. If still redesigning the place and deciding materials, the architect is your go-to.

It’s important to note that an architect is the only technician who can approve restorations of properties that would otherwise be titled historic buildings or of holding an artistic value by the Superintendency of Fine Arts.

This is the person you want to call if you plan to do a complete and total or extensive transformation of a property.


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