When you plan to make home renovations to a property in Italy, it is important to rely on the appropriate technician.

If you’re having doubts about what kind of professional you should hire, you first have to compare them.

In this article, we will explain how surveyors, engineers, and architects can help you with home renovations.

Hopefully, this will give you a bit of insight before you make your decision.


In Italy, you need to attend university and have a degree to become an architect or an engineer. The surveyor profession only requires high school level education.

However, in order to practice any of the three professions, candidates must study and pass the appropriate exam. Passing the exam allows them to register in their respective career path. This gives them a license and ensures that they are all qualified for their job.


Typically a surveyor, as you will see in the next section, has less responsibilities and manages simpler projects.

While this means that they can be cheaper, there are certain general fees associated with these projects. For this reason, sometimes an architect could be less expensive.

However, you should always ask for price quotations from different professionals before deciding to ensure that the project falls within your budget. Flexibility in home renovations is very important.


Surveyor – Geometra

You can rely on a surveyor for simpler and smaller renovation projects. However, small construction projects still need to be processed by the local government and you will need to receive a permit before starting.

Surveyors can handle land registrations and request permits for projects which change either small parts of the property or only its interior. Changing positions and sizes of walls, rooms, windows, etc, can be done by a surveyor.

Engineer – Ingegnere

An engineer is required when you’re making structural changes to the property. In order to obtain a permit from the local government for these bigger changes, you will first need calculations and projects from an engineer, which a surveyor can’t provide.

Engineers are helpful in mechanical or electrical changes of the property, such as replacing old wires that provide electricity to the house with newer ones.

Architect – Architetto

If you’re redesigning the place and need building materials to start a bigger project, the architect is your go-to.

It’s important to note that an architect is the only technician who can approve changes to protected properties. This includes properties that hold an artistic value as stated by the Superintendency of Fine Arts or that qualify as historical buildings.

This is also the person you want to call if you plan to do a complete or very extensive renovation of a property.


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