Rome is a wonderful city with a long history. So long that its foundation could be dated back to 753 BC. So you can understand how one day is not enough to see and discover Rome. But it is true that in 24 hours something could be seen, for example one of the must sees of Rome:


Interior of Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Interior of Colosseum, Rome, Italy *

The Roman amphitheater, which was built during the I century AD, became the a great symbol over the centuries, something related to the ancient Rome of the emperors and gladiators, of the Roman entertainment and architecture. Moreover, next to the Colosseum there is the forum.
An archeological area, that today is divided in two sections by a long avenue built by Mussolini, where you can breathe the atmosphere of the “Caput Mundi”, the nickname given to Rome by the ancient Roman which means “Ruler of the World”.


Roman Forum
Roman Forum *

From remains of basilicas and temples to ruins of archaic buildings you will get in touch with our heritage. But, as I told you before, Rome has a long history and it is not only an ancient city. There are medieval aspects, the Renaissance side, the Rome of the Popes and of the Kings of Italy, from which our country was unified two centuries ago.
And so I suggest to take a stroll in the city centre, looking at the renaissance and baroque marble facades of some churches (like San Marcello al Corso or Chiesa del Gesù), with their gorgeous frescos or chapels, or going to the main squares and fountains in Rome.


Church of the Gesu, Rome, Lazio, Italy *


The Trevi Fountain for example, an incredible water based sculpture that is really modern for us (completed just three centuries ago),

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy
Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy *

or the small fountain made by Bernini and his father called “Barcaccia” (ugly boat in Italian), that stands in front of the incredible Spanish Steps, another example of the modern Rome due to its origin (also built only three centuries ago).


Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy
Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy *

The last thing that I suggest you to visit, during your first day in Rome, is


Pantheon, Rome, Italy
Pantheon, Rome, Italy *

The best preserved ancient Roman temple in the world probably, the Pantheon, with its granite columns that are originals from the II century AD, or its incredible dome with the hole at the top (named “oculus”), that was the largest dome in Rome till that one in St. Peter’s. So, do you need other suggestions to have the will to come here in Rome?

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Gianluca Pica
I am a local Tour Guide in Rome with a strong passion for the city where I was born and where I studied. I’m working for Eyes of Rome that provides only private and demi private tours to enjoy Rome and its treasures. You can join my FB Page, my Google Plus profile and the Instagram one


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