If you’re traveling to this region in Italy, you cannot miss the lovely Le Marche beaches. Be sure the weather permits sunbathing vacation but these Le Marche beaches in general are lovely. Long stretches of soft sand mingling with patches of gravel or rock beaches make for an interesting coastline. Butting right up against the Adriatic, this seaside is one you must experience at least once in a lifetime. We’ve compiled a list of the best Le Marche beaches, mainly focusing on the Conero which has the most beautiful to choose from.

Secluded le marche Beaches

Due Sorelle

“Due Sorelle” literally meaning two sisters, names this unique spot. Beginning the beach are two twin rocks, hence the name. The beach is characterized by its crystal clear waters, smooth pebbles, and soft white sand. There are no businesses on the beach and it’s a very secluded area, for adventurers and beach bums alike. If you like to venture out into the sea, rent a kayak and paddle around the coast. Another main feature that this beach is known for is the turtle release, famous in another town called Numana that we’ll discuss later. This beach is the main spot on the Riviera del Conero. It’s a place for magical, romantic moments and has a great atmosphere for soaking in the sun. It simply can’t be put into words. A daily ferry can take you here from the aforementioned town of Numana as well as Sirolo and Marcelli.

Due Sorelle Monte Conero. Le Marche beaches, Italy
Due Sorelle Monte Conero Le Marche, Italy


This beach has an interesting entrance path. A tough but scenic trek to this beach will make the dip in the sea that much sweeter. It takes around 20 minutes to reach the cove and the free beach through much of the surrounding vegetation. There aren’t many businesses around this secluded beach. Come prepared with your own equipment. The main differentiator of this beach is the blue water.

San Michele

The path along the beach of San Michele is full of vegetation and wild nature, along the slope of Monte Conero. Close by to the beach, you can access restaurants and shops. However, if you prefer to spend the day just feeling nature around you, this is a great place also. It’s easy to stay away from the civilization and crowds here. The views are incredible and near by, you can visit the Sassi Neri. This is a beach with dark sand. It’s a magical site and one that is well worth the trip!

Spiaggia della Scalaccia

This beach is somewhat of a lagoon. It’s a natural cove area starting from Osteria del Baffo di Pietralacroce. After walking for around 30 minutes you will reach the coastline. It is more secluded and not very crowded. It’s a perfect spot for more intimate time away from the crowds and tourists.

For sport-lovers


This beach is for the water sport lovers. It’s a great place for diving, windsurfing, and snorkeling. Additionally, there are many private paid beaches providing beach equipment, such as chairs, umbrellas, etc. It’s very crowded during the holidays and weekends. Come early if you need to park or expect to find good spot on the free beach. Its pebbly beaches have characterized this beach.

Portonovo. Le Marche beaches, Italy
Portonovo Beach, Marche, Italy

touristic beaches

Numana e Marcelli

These beach resort towns are the family friendly Le Marche beaches that are more populated with extra things. Here you can find shops and restaurants close by and equipment rentals. Also close to these beaches, are the Friars. There is a peaceful sensation amongst the smooth pebbles and tranquil seaside.

Numana. Le Marche beaches, Italy
Numana, Marche, Italy

Spiaggia Urbani

This beach is an easy trip from the city center of Sirolo. This town also features daily trips by ferry to Due Sorelle. It can become quite crowded.

Each of the mentioned beaches is a great spot for families or young travelers whether solo, with a group, with or without children. There’s plenty to do and the views are breathtaking. If you plan to stop in this region during your vacation, the Le Marche beaches and towns will not disappoint!


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