The following article represents our personal list of our favorite Italian piazzas. While the famous cities of Italy are very beautiful, the main magic is located in the small squares of less well-known cities and towns. Our hope is to spike your curiosity and give you some insight into the artistic and cultural specialties of these piazzas. They are sure not to disappoint.

Amazing Italian Piazzas

Venice, VENETO

Piazza San Marco

Venice is well known for its romantic atmosphere so imagine what the main square of this romantic city can provide. Piazza San Marco offers an incredible view of the water. Also, the piers and mosaics around the town are from the Byzantine era and the square was well loved by Giacomo Casanova.

Italian Piazzas - Piazza San Marco, Venice


Prato della Valle

Its elliptical shape, surrounded by a narrow canal makes this square particularly unique. Additionally, Prato della Valle is not only, by far, the largest piazza in Padua but the largest in Italy! Therefore, it had to make the list of top Italian piazzas.

Italian Piazzas - Prato della Valle, Padua, Veneto


Piazza del Campo

Known for its specific shape, it’s the most original and unique of the Italian piazzas on the list. Piazza del Campo is a sacred place for the people of the city. It holds the traditions that have been present here for countless generations, mainly the Palio!

Italian Piazzas - Piazza del Campo, Siena, Tuscany


Piazza dei Miracoli

This square is included among the exclusive list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is also home to a religious legend that has puzzled and intimidated visitors for a very long time. On the side of the Cathedral in Piazza dei Miracoli are signs etched into the marble. These strange writings have numbers that appear to change each time you count them; they are known as the “scratches of the devil.” In this very religious town, this type of site is quite alarming and eerie to its citizens. It has many eclectic buildings and structures making it particularly unique and lovely to visit, apart from the strange devilish presence!

Italian Piazzas - Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa, Tuscany


Piazza Plebiscito

Naples is your stereotypical southern Italian city. It’s busy, full of restaurants producing unparalleled pizzas, and is very Catholic focused. The Royal Palace and Basilica of San Francesco da Paola are the main highlights. The historically prominent structures add to the cultural intensity of the city and this piazza in particular. Piazza Plebiscito is very large and holds a variety of important cultural events.

Italian Piazzas - Piazza Plebiscito, Napoli, Campania


Piazza del Popolo Ascoli

To this day, this piazza is the most prominent place of meeting in the city of Ascoli. It’s largely a pedestrian area in the town center. This area is also the very heart of the historical center of the town as well. It fits within the flow of the town in the most synchronized and beautifully harmonious ways. This probably more so than any of the other Italian piazzas.

Italian Piazzas - Piazza del Popolo, Ascoli, Marche


Piazza Navona

During the Epiphany every year, this piazza holds the Befana festival. Rome is very Catholic practicing city, making the religious holidays of great importance and encouraging grand festivals in relation to them. Piazza Navona is similar to the ancient stadiums and is one which holds incredible character.

Italian Piazzas - Piazza Navona, Rome, Lazio

Piazza San Pietro / St. Peter’s Square

Vatican City is the only place within Italy that is technically recognized as separate from the city with which it is in. The Vatican State features the Vatican, or St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Vatican Museums. This square and its museum is one of the most visited places in the world, 6th on the list in fact. It is famous not only for its immense beauty but also as being the home of the Pope. It also holds the world famous Sistine Chapel, located within the museum. Situated in the historical center of Rome is St. Peter’s square and the Vatican State. This importance of this square is unparalleled against the rest of the Italian piazzas.

Italian Piazzas - St. Peter Square, Rome, Lazio

Palermo, SICILY

Piazza Pretoria

The capital of Sicily, Palermo, is home to the incredible Piazza Pretoria. It is also known as “Piazza della Vergogna” because of the many nude statues that build the fountain in the very center. This was originally a point of conflict for the nuns of the Santa Caterina Convent in the area looking over the square. They renamed it to communicate their displeasure with the fountain’s sculptures. The famous Francesco Camilliani constructed the fountain in 1500. This piazza is also located close to the Quattro Canti.

Italian Piazzas - Piazza Pretoria, Palermo, Sicily


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