These days, it is quite difficult to secure jobs in the southern part of Europe and Italy is not an exception. Italians themselves struggle to find a job. So naturally it will be even more difficult for a foreigner to find a job in Italy. English speakers could sometimes be handicapped in the hunt for available jobs. Below are some recommended jobs for Anglophones.


Some English-speaking individuals possess skills that are marketable. Like, design skills in websites or graphics, article and content writing skills and plenty more. Why not make use of these skills and make a living from them! Freelancing may become a good solution for your financial stability. Aside from making money from freelancing, you also get to be your own boss. You can control your own time and working hours which is an additional bonus.

Job for english speaking people in Italy
Job for english speaking people in Italy *


If you have a good knowledge of the English language, then you may consider teaching English. It is quite easy for English speakers to secure jobs as English teachers in Italy and other southern parts of Europe. How, then, do you become a teacher of the English language? Meet with daycare owners, academics, look out for after school programs, and try to set up personal, private classes.

Teach English in Italy
Teach English in Italy *

However, note that your career as an English teacher may only thrive during school sessions when students are still in school. If you’re looking for a way to achieve a true contract for the legitimate work-visa, you may need to take a course and get your English level certified.


Tour operators, hotels, hostels, restaurants, and other service-based companies always need people who understand and can speak English properly. You can easily apply for jobs in this sector, especially if you reside in big cities like Milan or Rome. While understanding Italian will be a plus, you will be surprised at how flooded the area is with tourists so business owners really only value your ability to speak English fluently!

Work in a Hotel in Italy

A hint for securing a job more easily as an English speaker in tourism is to go talk to businesses, door by door. It is good to job hunt in the off seasons as businesses try to be ready for the main tourist seasons by hiring beforehand.


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