There are many myths and stereotypes foreigners have about Italians. If you’re traveling to Italy for the first time you may be surprised to discover that many are true. What do foreigners think about Italians? Read below to find out!


Foreigners may believe that Italians are loud but friendly, that they use hand gestures a lot when speaking and that they love Italian food but are a bit close minded with other cuisines.

Italians are some of the funniest and friendliest people amongst Europeans and they have a great sense of humour too. This is especially true in the south of Italy. Northern and southern Italians don’t get along very well and they are very different. Northern Italians are quieter and calmer and they don’t use hand gestures a lot unless they’re angry. Southern Italians are more welcoming but also louder. They also use hand gestures more often. However both southern and northern Italians love to complain about their politicians and government!


Italians love their own food a lot, but for a good reason, since the Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world. It is very tasty and also healthy; overweight people are quite rare in Italy. If you go eat a traditional Italian meal, expect it to take hours! Italians like to eat slowly and chat and enjoy the delicious food and the expensive wine. Drinking, especially red wine, is a big part of Italian culture and Italian wine is famous worldwide. This also helps teach young Italians how to drink moderately since they get used to alcohol by drinking wine often.

However, in big cities like Rome and Milan and Turin you will find plenty of foreign food and also people from both the south and the north of Italy as well as from other countries living together. Sushi is very popular in Milan for example. Also, if you are worried about communicating, people who live in big cities or in touristic places like near the sea or in the mountains tend to speak English better than those in the countryside.


Men and women in Italy have a great sense of fashion and many Italian men are handsome. Also, there are plenty of beautiful Italian stars such as Monica Bellucci, Sophia Loren, Elisabetta Canalis and many more.

These are some of the biggest stereotypes foreigners believe about Italians. Italy is a very beautiful and interesting country to visit and if you would like to learn more about it, make sure you read more of our articles.


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