If you have thought of a tour in Europe then perhaps Italy has crossed your mind. Visiting Italy in the summer is a thrilling adventure. The evenings in the summer are usually warm and offer just the right atmosphere for a delicious dinner alongside a glass of wine on any of the hotels’ balconies. However, Italy can be just as thrilling in the winter months if you choose the right location and prepare properly.


One of the most attractive places in Italy has to be Venice. The city’s beauty remains unfailing and timeless. The summers in the city, however, are known to be quite terrible given the large numbers of people crowding and roaming the city and the inflated prices. Since summers are the peak seasons for tourists in the city. It’s best to take advantage of the low tides in the winter and enjoy subsidized costs on almost all anticipated trip expenses.

Venice in winter
Venice in winter

A gondola ride is one of the most enjoyable parts of a trip to Venice albeit it’s quite pricey moreso in the summers. The Venetian canals that host stagnant water is known to permeate an offensive smell in the summer heat. The smell in the winters is practically not even noticeable and offers a perfect environment for a gondola ride in an amorous haze. No nose holding required!
A fortnight to Lent is the famous Carnavale festival. The event attracts massive crowds who gather and create perfect social space and fit for a celebration.


Next on the list are the Ski resorts of Italy which are renowned for their beauty and excitement. The Dolomites are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, being an absolutely magnificent setting. The resorts offer a range of options for all classes of skiers; the amateurs, the intermediate and the polished, not leaving out those who wish to enjoy skiing as a family! The destinations include the Sauze d’Oulx, Alta Badia, and the Passo Tonale, giving different experiences for the ski runs. Other than skiing, there are numerous other adventures one could enjoy.
The Dolomite mountain range offers an exciting background for the resorts with the culinary choices. that are delectable in every sense, offering exotic Italian pasta and red wine to warm the chill of the nights after a full day of skiing or other snow-related activities.

Dolomiti superski
Dolomiti superski *


Turin holds the title for being the Christmas shopping hotspot, equipped with impressive lighting that is exhibited throughout the metropolis. A massive Christmas tree in Piazza Borga Dora dominates the space which is abuzz with small counters selling food, gifts, and ornamentation. A shuttle bus offers free commuter services from Piazza Castello after a busy visiting tour around the city.
The everyday market in Porta Palatina is the pride of Turin. The market is acknowledged for its grand exhibition of cured meats, cheeses, and truffles. Aside from the markets, Turin also offers easy access to the Alps for Skiing.

Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Turin, Piedmont , Italy *


For most Catholics, the most valued moment of Christmas is listening to the pope offering a mass on the Eve of the big day. Getting yourself a ticket to enter the St Peter’s Basilica for the Christmas mass is difficult. They are often sold out months prior to the event. There are, however, no charges for watching the mass which is totally free live on the screens in St. Peter’s square right outside the Basilica.

interior of Colosseum, Rome, Lazio, Italy
interior of Colosseum, Rome, Lazio, Italy *

The winters also offer a perfect opportunity to visit the museums and other interesting places such as the Forum, the Colosseum and the Borghese gallery due to the small numbers of people visiting and hence short queues. These places are not operating on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Their opening times may be different during this season, so check the hours before planning your itinerary. In Rome, Christmas is a highly valuable day, so regardless, it’s a magical environment!


Whenever anyone is thinking about the winter sun, Italy definitely wouldn’t be among the first places to come to mind, but to be fair, Sicily experiences fairly agreeable and attractive temperatures in this season. The island of Sicily has fewer visitors in the winter compared to the swarms of people that come over in the summers. This makes it a perfect winter destination to experience the warm reception of the Southern Italy while finding pleasure and appreciating the Syracuse and Parlemo. Compared to the other parts of Italy, Sicily does experience some light rains.

Temple of Concordia, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Temple of Concordia, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

Contrary to the common knowledge that Italy is the hub for Roman history, Sicily boasts of admirable Greek archeological sites that are certainly worth a visit. This also comprises the Valle dei Templi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Agrigento. Many places operate for fewer hours during the winter days but the experience is much more calm and more enjoyable. So, just be sure to check the opening hours!


Some places such as Riviera Beach towns and Tuscany are only open for access during the summertime which limits the visits to Italy during the winter. Given the bad weather and the stormy seas in the islands, all but Sicily remain closed during the winter. It is therefore advisable to exclude these areas when planning for a winter visit to Italy.
The praiseworthy beauty for most of the desirable trip locations in Italy is retained all around the year. The exception of a small number that is closed in the winters. This translates to a wide array of options when making choices on where to visit in Italy during this season. One trip essential when planning a visit to Italy during the winter is an umbrella and warm clothing. And yes you can enjoy all the magic of Italy during the winter months!


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