Located in the centre of Italy, Abruzzo – or Abruzzi – has been known for its fresh, enjoyable weather, something that most European visitors enjoy.

To date, this seat of historical Italy is becoming more and more popular to tourists and as they flock to Italy, more people are starting to discover the virgin and untouched beauty of beautiful and little-known Abruzzo.

Tourists are now getting hyped by its magnificent lakes, the long and beautiful Adriatic coastline, its virgin national parks, its high mountain ranges, its heritage sites that were included in the UNESCO list, and its medieval towns. Tourists are also drawn to Abruzzo’s diverse cuisine and its breathtaking landscape that changes from the mountains to the beach and back to the mountains.


Featuring a 130 kilometre stretch of coastline, you can find beaches in Abruzzo that are alive with people and beaches that are very quiet and secluded.

Experience the changing colors of the wind in the Abruzzo Mountains as you hike during autumn or spring. If you are an outdoor person who loves snow, you will certainly enjoy all the sports and activities offered in the different ski resorts in Abruzzo. With the assistance and protection of the Parks and Reserves team in Abruzzo, you can enjoy skiing among other activities in Abruzzo without worrying about your safety.

If there’s something you shouldn’t miss in Abruzzo, it is their winter! Be awed in its majestic mountains covered by snow including the majestic Apennines and its ridges. The ridges of this mountain are excellent for cross country skiing, sports offered by the different modern and functional ski resorts around the area. All ski resorts are equipped with the right gear, have complete facilities and services, and with good food on offer. As you ski around, breathe in the richness of Abruzzo’s history and the breath-taking view.

Campo Imperatore winter ph. by Roteldav

One surprising thing about Abruzzo is that it can give you an authentic Italian vacation that everyone talks about, something that more modern and well known Italian destinations now lack.

Quiet and serene, very near to Rome and other Italian cities, Abruzzo is slowly becoming a hub for tourists who want a quality vacation at a very affordable price. it is a haven for tourists who want to try something new, who want to enjoy outdoor activities and who want to taste new cuisine.

Why you should visit Abruzzo next?


Want a taste of the famous red Montepulciano d’Abruzzo? Go to Abruzzo where the Montepulciano grape is grown. The red Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is made differently from Tuscan Vino Nobile di Montepulciano that is from the Sangiovese grape.

The red Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is produced in Chieti province. Its first bottles were recognized by the DOC or the Denominazione Di Origine Controllata, proof that this red wine was made with the highest quality. This Quality Assurance recognition for the red Montepulciano d’Abruzzo can be found at the ENoMuseum which is a wine museum in Tollo.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ph. by Luca Nebuloni


For its location with mountains on the other side and seashore on the other, farming and fishing are people’s bread and butter. Most of the food offered in this region are from the sea, fresh and all natural. They mostly offer seafood dishes and for meat, they offer mutton and pork.

One of the must taste dishes in Abruzzo is their Arrosticini or thin mutton skewers. The preparation of this dish is simple yet is seasoned with love. It is flame-grilled to perfection, making it the most popular dish amongst diners.

Arrosticini ph. by G. U.

As an Italian country, you can also enjoy pasta especially their handmade spaghetti alla chitarra. A 200-year-old dish served in Abruzzo.

Spaghetti alla Chitarra ph by Horcrux


Known for its seven popular lakes, you can enjoy outdoor activities like camping, canoeing, and rafting in Abruzzo. You can camp the night out or stay in the nearby accommodations and hotels.

Stay in Lake Bomba, Lake Scanno, or Barrea and enjoy its mountain view. Wake up from your hotel room to a great sunset or sunrise, depending on your window view. You might also find the winding roads very enticing from these lakes. If it is summer time, do not miss the crystal clear water of Sorgenti del Pescara lake from the town of Popoli.


The popularity of Abruzzo beach is not as hyped as compared to Sicily, Amalfi Coast or Sardinia, but its long coastline is also something to brag about.

Enjoy the pristine and crystal clear waters of Chieti or Teramo or enjoy some nightlife along the beach in Ortona. For a relaxing afternoon under the pine trees, go to Pineto and enjoy the cold breeze coming from the sea.

Pineto ph. by Antonio Castagna

For fishing, you can head south and visit Vasto, a Roman fishing village. Once you get tired of fishing, you can take a dip on its sandy beach.


As the ‘Green Region of Europe,’ Abruzzo is popular among skiers. The towns of Castel Di Sangro, Ovindoli, Roccaraso, Campo Felice, and its parks like the Majella National Park are among the popular ski destinations in the region.

One of the favorite places among skiers is the five-mile stretch Cinquemiglia with its 1,200 metre high plateau. The place receives heavy snowfall all year long, making it a great destination among adrenaline seeking ski lovers.

Pizzo di Intermesoli ph. by Luigi Selmi

In actual fact, a third of Abruzzo is composed of national parks and if people aren’t skiing, they are climbing trails in the summer. Hiking is popular in Abruzzo National Park and the Majella National Park during warmer days.


Trabocchi – or Trabucchi – is a fishing structure made of nets that you can find along the coast of Abruzzo. It is a 70 kilometer stretch of fishing structures that run from Ortona to San Salvo, located in Chieti province.

Trabucco punta Turchino ph. by Cristian Roberti

The structure is made of fishing nets that were set-up and look like an oil-rigging structure. It is a way for the local fishermen of Abruzzo to avoid going to the deep parts of the sea while being able to collect different varieties of sea creatures like sea bass, sea bream, anchovies, and sardines.

Some trabocchi are no longer operational as other fishermen are now using a modern way of fishing. Some trabucchis have been converted into restaurants as well.


Even if you have seen the medieval towns of Siena in Tuscany or Pescasseroli, Tagliacozzo, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, and San Gimignano, you can still feel the difference of what a real medieval town look and feels like once you see Rocca Calascio. Rocca Calascio is situated in the highest mountaintop fort of Italy. At this town, you experience how it is being in a castle while enjoying the scenic view of the mountains around you.

Calascio, L’Aquila ph. by Gigi Filice

Rocca Calascio takes pride with its watchtower that was built in the 10th century. With not too many people being able to reach this mountaintop, you can enjoy a serene day at its castles, nearly 1500 meters above sea level. Walk on its streets, get enticed and be mesmerized with a place that once belonged to royalty and is now part of history.


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