On a hilltop in the Le Marche region, sits Macerata. It’s a beautiful and quiet town full of light brick buildings and historical wonder.

Macerata is often compared to the town of Urbino, which has many famous Renaissance buildings. However Macerata is a robust, modern, and lively city.

Established in 1290, this town is home of one of Europe’s oldest universities. Throughout the city there are many students, markets, and events that make it a wonderful place to stop by while visiting the region.


The Opera Festival in the open-air Arena Sferisterio has put this place on the map. In July and August, this festival attracts opera lovers and tourists alike to its large 7,000-seat stadium.

This arena was originally constructed for football events. However, the great acoustics and performances during the Sferisterio Opera Festival have moved hundreds of thousands of people to tears.

It’s an incredible neo-classical structure that you simply cannot miss in travelling through Le Marche.

Sferisterio, Macerata, Marches, Italy
Photo by Pabloevivo at Wikimedia Commons, CCA-SA 4.0



Possibly even more spectacular than the Arena Sferisterio, is the Loggia dei Mercanti.

Loggia dei mercanti, Macerata, Marches, Italy
Loggia dei mercanti, Macerata, Marches, Italy

It’s a two-tiered Renaissance style arcade that leaves any viewers completely in awe.


Additionally, the Palazzo Ricci features a 16th century museum with works from important Italian artists spanning a great number of years.

Giorgio de Chirico, Renato Guttoso, and Giacomo Balla are a few, in addition to the unique main exhibition of 20th century Italian pop art.

Macerata San Paolo Marches Italy
Macerata San Paolo Marches Italy

Macerata is known for its liveliness, beautiful structures, and also features a beautiful view of the whole Le Marche region.

The diverse vegetation and medieval towns are a sight to see for any tourists visiting this hilltop town. If headed to Le Marche, the town of Macerata should definitely be on the list of stops along the way.


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