Italy’s most touristic season is during the summer months. Whether for the seaside or the rich cities and culture, or the gelato, people from all over the world and Italians themselves spend summer holidays here in this beautiful country. However, the weather can be quite hot, especially in the cities. Many older buildings do not have or do not use air conditioning also. When planning your trip you might be thinking about incredible cultural experiences and what to book in advance/what to look for an do. Well, look no further. By far the best and most unique experience, especially during the very warm months, is visiting the open-air opera theaters. We’ve developed a list of the most spectacular outdoor theaters.


This theater was built by Greeks at first back in the 3rd century BC and then expanded by the Romans in the 4th century BC. With a view of Sicily’s famous volcano, Mount Etna, imposing the backdrop and the ancient architecture of this structure is one of the most magnificent things you will see in your life. It attracts people from all over the world every year for plays and concerts and also to bask in the view during the days without performances.

Teatro antico di Taormina
Teatro antico di Taormina


The Arena was built between the 1st century AD and the 3rd century AD. After, it has undergone many restorations and now is one of the best preserved amphitheaters in Italy. The summer is a magical time here, full of concerts, performances, plays, and an amazing traditional opera season. It’s become a symbol of the city of Verona.

Arena di Verona, Veneto, Italy
Arena di Verona, Veneto, Italy


Originally this structure especially built for football matches however, its has become a great venue for concerts and operas like for its fantastic acoustics. In the center of the city of Macerata, it hosts the Macerata Opera Festival every year for over 50 years.

Sferisterio of Macerata, Marches, Italy
Sferisterio of Macerata, Marches, Italy


We thank Torre del Lago for giving birth to one of the most amazing Italian Opera singers in the history of opera, Giacomo Puccini. Every year a festival is occur in honor of him and has been for the last 80 years! It truly put this small village on the map. It’s the most famous open-air opera house in Tuscany for this Festival of Torre del Lago.

Gran Teatro Puccini di Torre del Lago


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