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Map of lakes south of Rome

lakes south: Lake_Albano_Rome_Lazio_Italy


The region of Lazio is home to many lakes and lake towns, which are very charming spots to visit. Volcanic eruptions in the past created many of these bodies of water. Regardless of where you go, you’re sure to find a village near one of the many lakes that blows you away due its beauty, history, and nature. If you are planning to travel to the south of Italy and visit the capital city of Rome, you should also continue on south to discover the following two magnificent lakes.

Map of lakes south of Rome


This lake is dedicated to the goddess of hunting and the moon – Diana. It is home to a temple dedicated to this ancient goddess and it was given the nickname “Diana’s Mirror”. Lake Nemi holds unique festivals each year. The festivals display various foods and vegetation of the area. For example, Genzano di Roma hosts a festival each and every June to show off flowers of the area in various ways and the main road of the town becomes covered in flowers, a sight you are sure to never forget! While you’re there, try some fresh bread, a food for which this city is also famous.

infiorata di Genzano Lazio, Italy
infiorata di Genzano Lazio, Italy *

Another festival on Lake Nemi takes place around the end of Spring/ beginning of Summer. The Strawberry Festival is held in the actual town of Nemi, from which the lake is named. The town and area are famous for their wild strawberries and these are for sure a must try when dining in the lake’s main village.


Speaking of festivals… What’s an Italian vacation without a festival di vino / wine festival? In October, the town of Marino hosts this special event. Ariccia, another town near the lake, is the place of porchetta and fraschette which are typical dishes from the area. If you’re heading to Albano Lake in the summer, you may catch a glimpse of the Pope. This is where he resides typically during the summer months to escape the intense heat of Vatican City. The residence is called the Palace of Castel Gandolfo and is equipped with luxurious gardens in the quaint, lovely little lake-view town of Castel Gandolfo.

Garden of Mirrors, Castel Gandolfo, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Garden of Mirrors, Castel Gandolfo, Rome, Lazio, Italy *

Additionally, nearby you can visit the home of an ancient emperor. Take the Emperor Domitian residential tour for a unique look deep into the past. Most of the lake is located in the Roman Castle region, or Castelli Romani. Southeast of the city lies an abundance of towns atop the Alban Hills, giving visitors elaborate views of the agricultural wonders of the region.

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