If you’re planning to bring any electronics with you on your Italian holiday, this is the article for you. Devices like laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other appliances need proper adapters to actually work in Italy. Not only are the power sockets different, but also the voltage is as well. The standard in Italy and Europe in general is 220 volts at 50 cycles/second in a two or three round-pronged socket.

italian electrical socket
italian electrical socket


Normal devices will just need a simple adapter. This is simply the middle-man. Other country’s plug is plugged into the adapter and the adapter has two or three prongs on the end, to fit into the Italian socket. These adapters more commonly come with two prongs and this is the one we recommend getting. Not every Italian power socket has three holes so it’s better to be safe with a two-pronged adapter. Sometimes, these will have an area to plug something in and also have a USB port, meaning you can charge your phone and laptop at the same time! To use one, you should make sure your device is insulated, possibly made of plastic or some type of insulated material.

The other type you may need is a power converter. These actually convert the voltage to the appropriate amount for what your device was made for/used to. If you have a hairdryer from the US, the Italian power sockets will be giving almost double the voltage! This could start a fire and/or ruin your hairdryer. So be sure to use the appropriate adapter or power converter for your non-Italian appliances.

dual voltage converter for Italy


As I said, these are usually small and simple. They just take your normal plug and on the other side, have prongs that fit into an Italian socket. Most small electronics such as, laptops, phones, battery chargers, and travel electronics can use a simple adapter. But it’s always best to check voltage and things before! This information should be on the back of the appliance.

travel adapter


Like I said, devices that use more power cannot function with the high voltage from Italian power sockets. You need to be sure to use a converter with a power rating that meets or goes a bit beyond that of the device. You can find the power rating on the back of your device.

If you’re traveling and staying at a hotel or Airbnb, many of them are equipped with a hairdryer and maybe even a straightener or curling iron. Ask beforehand and you may not have to bring one at all! Also, if you travel to Europe often, it’s probably better to buy a small travel hairdryer while traveling instead of lugging around a converter. But if you do bring one from home, be sure to use the right adapter or power converter for each device you are bringing!


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